History of Mexican Talavera

Tierra Fina & Market To Market

Look at a Talavera pottery urn, vase or platter and behold the art of a Spanish colonial period rich in Old World design and colorful heritage. Our skillfull artisans create these items by hand with great agility.

Our pottery showcases some of the finest detail and color use in modern Talavera artistry. The detail is outstanding, and due to the kiln's high firing temperature, all our Talavera dishware is also crack and chip resistant. We have assembled some exclusive Talavera pottery, visited many of the Talavera producing sites, interacted with the master artisans and instilled some of our own unique design ideas to satisfy our eclectic customer base. Through the success of our retail store, in St. Augustine, Florida, our reputation as one of the largest importers of this unique product and the creation of this exclusive Talavera website, we are proud to bring you only products of the highest quality that reflect the essence of the spirit that is involved in the tedious but meticulous creation of Talavera.