History of Mexican Talavera

Tierra Fina Artisan Marketplace

Artisan-Crafted... Creating Beauty & Functionality

Welcome to the world of authentic Spanish and Mexican pottery.
Every item for Tierra Fina (which means "fine earth") is designed and created by hand in
our factories in Spain and Mexico
showing the originality, beauty and quality of this artisan craft.

Our family artisan studios use century-old techniques, working with locally-harvested
clay and paint minerals, to produce these gorgeously usable pieces of authentic pottery.

Every piece you purchase is hand-created, featuring original artisan painting, using
all natural elements and each piece has gone through many steps to ensure craftsmanship,
quality and a lifetime of beauty and enjoyment.

Each piece is certified lead-free, microwave and dishwasher safe.

We at Tierra Fina believe that, in a mass-marketed world, the continued creation of handmade, hand painted,
quality goods that are unique, authentic, beautiful and functional is truly something you donít see everywhere.

Your purchase helps ensure the continuation of our centuries-old artisan traditions.