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Brighten any home with our well appointed collection of handpainted Talavera for the table, kitchen or bath.
  • Pompei Collection

    This light hearted collection from a lost era will compliment any table or kitchen. All pieces are hand-painted, lead-free, dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Plates & Platters

    All of the plates in the Talavera collection are food safe and have a durable highfired finish. These will all add color and beauty to any table.
  • Bowls

    All of the bowls in the Talavera collection are not only funtional and beautiful, but food safe. Our selection of bowls will satisfy a vast array of serving needs.
  • Kitchen Related

    All of the pieces in this collection are not only functional and colorful, but safe for food use. These pieces are all handpainted and highfired.
  • Pitchers

    All of the pitchers in this collection are handpainted and highfired. They all food safe and add color and charm to any table or kitchen.
  • Cool Stuff

    All of these items are great accessories for any home. Add a twist of color to a corner table or wall area. All are handpainted and make great gifts as well.
  • Bath Related

    Our Talavera bath accessories compliment any bath or powder room. They especially compliment our hand painted Talavera sinks.
Talavera pottery is extremely colorful and has a very durable finish. All of the tableware and service pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe. Along with all of the pieces which would be associated with tableware and service we do carry a great assorment of products for the garden and patio as well.

Our garden animal collection will add color and conversation to any garden or patio.

Our garden items range from large planters, standard pots, wall planters, window box and various animal planters.

In addition, we also carry a great selection of hand painted sinks available in two sizes and a variety of Talavera tiles for use anywhere.